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COMPLETE list of Black Ops Cold War challenges and how to complete them


Black Ops Cold War brings with it a host of new challenges for players to tackle, however it also comes with a collection of hidden challenges, with their requirements unknown, players are left guessing on how to complete these.

There are a host of both solo and multiplayer challenges features in Call of Duty’s latest release, but what has really got players attention are the Dark Ops challenges.

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These are a series of secret challenges that are hidden from players, they do not disclose any information about the challenges itself or requirements in order to complete it.

It is more difficult to succeed in these challenges without knowing exactly what your looking for, is it quite possible to pay the game without even realising these challenges exist.

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You are also equally as likely to find these challenges by accident, however the majority of them aren’t too hard to complete whereas others do need some logic and skill.

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The challenges and their requirments are:

  • Frenzy Killer

5 rapid kills to earn a Frenzy Kill Medal

  • Nuclear Killer

30 kills without dying to earn a Nuclear medal

  • Relentless Killer

20 kills without dying to earn 10 Relentless medals

  • Brutal Killer

25 kills without dying to earn a Brutal medal

  • Mega Killer

6 rapid kills to earn a Mega Kill medal

  • Ultra Killer

7 rapid kills to earn an Ultra Kill medal

  • Chain Killer

7+ rapid kills to earn a Kill Chain

  • Very Nuclear

To earn a Nuclear medal with 21 separate weapons, all kills must come from the same weapon

  • From the Depths

Get 25 kills shooting with a primary or secondary weapon at enemies on land or ship

  • Back at You

Throw a grenade at an enemy who threw a grenade at you and kill them

  • Hard Wipe

In Fireteam Mode completely wipe out a team of 4 players alone

  • Nuked Out

Earn a Nuclear medal without using any scorestreak rewards in Free-for-all

  • Underwater Ops

Destroy and kill enemy vehicles 5 times while underwater by planting C4 on a gunboat or wake runner

  • Dark Ops Master

Complete every Dark Ops challenge

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Campaign Challenges

  • Antihero

Using brute force in Ashes to Ashes, kill all of your previous teammates

  • Retro Gamer

Unlock every arcade machine

  • Defiant

In Break on Through, attempt to jump to your death

  • What do the Numbers Mean?

You must successfully decode the Operation Chaos floppy disk

  • Cover Your Tracks

As Belikov in Desperate Measures you must hide away 5 bodies

  • Awkward Chat

In the elevator in Desperature Measures you must answer Imran Zakhaev’s questions correctly

  • Dark Ops Master

Successfully complete all the Dark Ops challenges

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  • Armed to the Teeth

Have 2 fully packed weapons available with 6 perks active and also Ammo mods

  • Social Distancing

You must get to round 20 without being hit

  • The Anvil

Using melee attacks, successfully exfil the game

  • Reaper of the Undead

Successfully kill 1 million enemies

  • Another Round?

Get to Round 100

  • Good Enough

Using no upgrades and only using your starting load out, reach Round 20

  • Checkmate

In a single game, play every trial in Die Maschine

  • Invincible

Without dying, reach Round 30

  • Harbinger of Doom

With single support you must kill 50 enemies

  • Box Addict

In a single game, use every weapon from the Mystery Box

  • Evil Unleashed

In Die Maschine you must comeplete the Main Quest

  • King of Silverbacks

Earn a score of 999,999,999 in Dead Ops arcade

  • Pristine Pelt

Defeat Mamaback in the final round withput dying in Black Ops arcade

  • Dark Ops Master

Successfully comeplete all 11 challenges

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