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Animal Crossing: Complete list of all Critters arriving in November


Today marks the first day of November, which means there will be some bugs, fish and sea creatures that will be leaving us, however there will be some brand new ones arriving.

Players can expect a whole new host of wildlife lurking around their islands to catch, it’s the perfect time to add those additions to your museums exhibits that you’re missing.

We’ve compiled this handy list of all the bugs that will be arriving this month.

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Northern Hemisphere

The Northern Hemisphere is currently experiencing Fall, and as the temperature is drawing in colder each day means that players will start to see fewer critters aroudn their islands.

There is around 27 critters available to be caught during November in the Northern Hemisphere, the new arrivals this month are:

  • Mole Cricket
  • Tarantula
  • Damselfly

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Southern Hemisphere

The Southern Hemisphere is currently experiencing Spring which means there will be a host of new bugs for players to catch as the temperature starts to get warmer.

There is 43 bugs to be caught in the Southern Hemisphere, the new additions this month are:

  • Queen Alexandra’s Birdwing
  • Great Purple Emperor
  • Pondskater
  • Banded Dragonfly
  • Violin Beetle
  • Diving Beetle
  • Rosalia Batesi Beetle
  • Scorpion

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Players can catch these critters to complete the exhibits in their museums or they can sell them on to make a good amount of bells. Players should look for Flick on their islands, as he will buy any bugs from you for 30% extra than if you were to sell at Nooks Cranny.

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