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Complaints over broken melees in Warzone


Gamers have been taking to social media to express their concerns over melees being broken.

There have been many debates over the last year regarding melees being ‘broken’ and yet again the topic has rose again as players unhappy about it’s overpowering effects.

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The power of melee weapons is well know amongst players, this is has caused a heated debate between players as some think that the gun melee should be weaker where as others think the knife should be created with more power.

Many players find meleeing as one of the most important techniques in the game, it’s most beneficial when players are needing to reload as they are easily able to defend and take out their enemies at close range.

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Players have taken to social media to express their feelings on this ongoing issue.

Melee is very broken in Warzone and it doesn’t get enough attention. from r/CODWarzone

This isn’t the first time this issue has been highlighted by players, however it seems as though many gamers are still finding it a problem. There has also been many polls started, with results coming back divided as many voters think it is a ongoing issue while other votes think that it is fine as it is.

This was a popular topic back in June and the fact that it has resurfaced again suggests that fans won’t let this issue go lightly. Could it be we see changes in the future, or will this issue continue to remain the same?

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