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Cold War players are left furious by major weapon camo bug

Yet another bug has been discovered in Cold War, this time players are finding that their hard earned camos have disappeared.

Players are finding their hard work and frustration has all been for nothing.

Call of Duty players are often discovering new issues with the game, with some being more serious than others. This latest discovery is leaving players more than frustrated.

A new Call of Duty brings with it a new grind to unlock the Mastery camos for all weapons, hardcore fans will now just how frustrating and time consuming this can be, and now a new bug is taking away the rewards for all of that hard work.

When players unlock Gold for a weapon by completing all the previous challenges, they then go on to unlock Diamond by completing Gold for 5 other weapons in that same weapon class. Then, once you have Diamond for every weapon you can then unlock Dark Matter

The problem appeared when players were finding camos they had once earned had became locked and unable to be used. Many players took to social media to share their frustration when they realised what was happing.

A Reddit user took to the platform to share a screenshot from the game showing the issues with locked camos they were facing, it was met with hundreds of comments of other players also experiencing the same thing.

Proof that Cold War is taking away camos that you unlock. This is actually happening with 5 other guns. Honestly at this point the game is a fking waste of time. This has been a problem since launch but the fact that they didn’t even fix this bug yet a month later??? What a bunch of a**holes. from r/blackopscoldwar

This is causing emotions to run high with players as they are forced to redo challenges they have already played in order to unlock those camos once more. Hopefully there will be a fix for this issue coming soon, but with no official comments at the moment, fans will have to hang on and hope it is rectified in the near future.

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