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Cold War Nuketown Weapon Bundle here’s how to get it


Activision will be celebrating the release of Nuketown ‘84 in Black Ops Cold War with a brand new, free Nuketown themed weapon bundle giving players a host of new and interesting items. Here’s how you can get it.

The post-launch content release schedule looks to be packed full of new content for us players to enjoy. With season 1 starting on December 10, but before that Treyarch will be treating us to a free content update with the release of Nuketown ‘84, with an expected release date of November 24.

To celebrate its release, Treyarch have released a brand new weapon bundle including a load of exclusive Nuketown themed items.

Black Ops Cold War Nuketown Weapon Bundle

Image credit: Activision

In the bundle is an exclusive weapon blueprint for the Hauer 77 Shotgun, called the ‘Last Stop’. Attachments on the blueprint include a 21.6 barrel extension, a 6 round extended magazine, a commando assembly stock and a millstop reflex optic. It’s also covered in a Nuketown themed design.

You’ll also get access to 6 weapon charms themed after the mannequins on the map, a sticker, a calling card and an emblem.

Treyarch have confirmed that this bundle will be available to use in Warzone when it is implemented into Cold War on December 10.

Getting your hands on this bundle is fairly easy, in fact you’ve probably already done what it takes to unlock it, all players had to do is log into the game before December 4, or play any online game before November 20.

It’s a nice reward for players who are excited about the upcoming return of a fan favourite map.

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