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Cold War is ‘the worst thing’ to happen to Warzone according to players

Warzone fans have grown frustrated with the merger with Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War, and they think this has ‘ruined’ the Battle Royale experience.

Since the release of Warzone in March 2020, the game has been played by over 75 million players. The first year of Warzone has been an incredible success for Activision, but the merge with Cold War has left some loyal fans feeling like the game has taken a step backwards.

The developers of Call of Duty games are no stranger to working with one another, its not the first time they’ve collaborated on a project and it won’t be the last, but it is for sure the first time that an Infinity Ward game has expanded to include weapons developed by Treyarch.

From bugs, to overpowered weapons and a huge change in the meta, fans are going increasingly frustrated at the amount of bugs and the length of time it’s taking the studio to fix them.

Rebirth Island was added to the game during the merge on December 16

It’s only been two weeks since the games merge with Cold War, but the DMR 14 has quickly risen to be the unchallenged primary weapon in the game, along with the Mac 10 and even the Diamatti burst pistol.

Certain bugs have almost became features by this point as Treyarch fail to fix them, and even after being fixed they return to the game leaving fan wondering how much attention is being put into each patch. Glitched like the loadout drop exploit where players can hide inside them, or the truck glitch allowing players to hide inside of locked garages and shoot unsuspecting players as they pass by, both of which had been patched and then returned to the game at a later date.

One Redditor posted his frustrations in a lengthy Reddit post voicing his concerns about the games “decline in quality”.

“The Cold War integration is the worst thing to ever happen to Warzone,” he writes. “From the new “Gulag” that is just a copy of Nuketown, because it looks like that is the only thing they can get right with Black Ops, to broken weapons and bugs that 100% will ruin your match, these changes completely killed our enjoyment for the game.”

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