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Aspiring COD Pro Accidentally Exposes Himself As Cheater On Stream


A Call of Duty streamer exposed himself as a cheater in Black Ops Cold War while trying to clear his name of the accusations. He was apparently unaware that he was broadcasting his cheats live on Twitch.

Alan Brice, an esports commentator from the UK was the first to call out the streamer in a video on Twitter which showed the streamers game running along with a modded view with cheats running.

As the clip started to spread, the player in question who goes by the name ‘yyyunggg’ was quick to delete their Twitter account.

While streaming, yyyunggg attempted to pull up his task manager to show he didn’t have any cheat software running on his system, but somewhere along the line he messed up and accidentally moved the modded view into the stream.

The clip is only short, and you’ll be forgiven for at first thinking it looks completely innocent, if you look closely at the ‘Target A’ icon, you can see two enemies through the wall with a health bar above them. This can only be seen in the modded view in the top right. The main game, which is what is seen on stream seems completely normal.

yyyunggg has since deleted all clips and videos from his Twitch channel, along with the stream in which he exposed himself.

Call of Duty is seeing an invasion of hackers at the moment, with Modern Warfare, Cold War and even Warzone being effected, and with some reports of players cheating in Warzone tournaments competing for money.

No word yet on whether yyyunggg’s Activision account has been suspended yet, but with this much attention on the issue it wont be long before he’s banned from the game.

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