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Cod Mobile to release the first Mythic Weapon: Fennec Ascended release date


It has been announced that Cod Mobile is set to release a brand new rare weapon: Fennec Ascended.

Since the launch of the game there has been five different types of loot for players to collect, with the announcement of the latest mythic weapon this will exceed the legendary weaponry status.

Weapons are categorised from Common to Legendary, with each tier becoming more rare. The more rare the weapon the more powerful it will be, the release of the Fennec Ascended will make weaponry history as it is said to be even more rare than those weapons classifies as Legendary.

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The Fennec itself however has always been available to unlock, in its base for that is, however now players will be able to try and track down the mythic version of the weapon.

The release of this weapon will mark the rarest unlock to ever exist in the game, and will be the fist weapon appearing in Cod Mobile that will available in a mythic version.

Players will be able to customise the gun in a variety of different ways, for example gamers will be able to change the colour of the gun. Customisation will be heavily focused on with this weapon and of course trading out attachments will also be available.

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Call of Duty Mobile recently took to Twitter to announce to fans the arrival of the weapon, describing it as ‘beautiful yet powerful’.

This weapon will be launched November 6, although there is no further information on how the weapon is unlocked, could it be possible that some mythic packs could be available for purchase?

Only time will tell on how fans are able to retrieve and use this fine weaponry, it has been said that some cosmetic will only be able to accessed through loot crates where as some are locked behind Battle Pass Tiers.

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Fans are even starting to save up their game currency prior to its arrival, there has been nothing like this released before and fans are excited for its debut in the game.

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