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CoD Mobile Season 11: Release date and new maps

Call of Duty Mobile Season 11 has been highly anticipated by fans as Season 10 starts to draws to a close, we saw a lot of new characters in Battle Royal mode along with the Echo Shotgun, Pine, Terminal and many other changes.

As the current season is ending this has prompted players to think about what features we could be seeing in Season 11, devs have remained tight lipped about this new season. They have even gone against the running of a test server in order to keep things under wraps.

Image credit: Activision

Without this we can’t know all the details before the release however we have compiled what we know so far. The most asked question by gamers is when will Season 11 actually be released?

It was recently reported by devs that it will take place in the middle of October but have not revealed any further details, however they have announced that will clarify an exact date in the near future so it won’t be too long before can pencil it in our diaries.

There has also been a teaser released that featured and image of an old map with a tank and destroyed wall, which players were quick to notice from as iconic Black Ops 2 map Halloween Standoff.

Players have speculated that there maybe multiple maps at play as we have seen this happen before in Season 10, so that could be something that may be carried over into a new season.

Fans are also hoping for some Halloween theme characters given the release of the Halloween Standoff map, hopefully that is an indicator that other spooky features may be coming.

Of course we don’t know for certain what we can expect, players will be keeping their eyes peeled for further information and updates on the release.

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