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COD Mobile Battle Royale gets new modes Modern Warfare fans have been asking for

Call of Duty mobile developers have confirmed they have plans to bring a night mode to battle royale as well as maps that are also set during the night.

Image Credit: Activision

The game released back in October 2019 and since then has been very popular with fans as it takes some of the best content from older Call of Duty games and brings them back to life on your mobile.

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In addition to all of the content brought back from older titles, the game also has its own unique maps for multiplayer and battle royale.

The game is now up to it’s 10th season and usually with every new season the battle royale map gets an update, but just like Warzone players, fans have been asking for a night mode. Well they might not have to wait much longer for that to become a reality.

Developers released a community update on September 9 where they revealed some of the content that would be coming later in Season 10: The Hunt. They announced they have plans for both nightime versions of regular maps as well as in battle royale.

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Reddit user Call_Me_OniiChan left a comment on a Reddit thread saying “Thanks for the awesome content and are there any plans for a night mode MP and BR maps?” To which one of the devs replied with a simple “Yes.”

It was also confirmed that the High Alert perk would be coming soon, and that an Overkill perk was in the works but wasn’t ready yet. No word yet about release times, but its good to know the developers of the mobile game are happy to confirm upcoming content with the community before release.

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