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Black Ops cheat websites ALREADY creating hacking programs and gaining 12k subs per day


Developers of cheats and hacks say they are prepared for the launch of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.

It has been reported that hacker websites have already been pre-selling new hacks for use in Cod: Black Ops Cold War, despite Activision cracking down on cheating software used in the game.

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Activision have also won many successful cease and desist orders against multiple hacker websites, however it hasn’t stopped cheat developers stocking up and preparing ahead for the latest release of the game.

These cheat developers found the perfect place to play out and test their cheats and hacks, in the beta version of the game that was recently made available ahead of the games official release.

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Since the beta version some of these cheater websites have been racked up over 12 thousand subscribers already, which causes concern for genuine players of the game who wish to play the game out as it should be.

There has been a lot of promotional material release for some of these hacker websites already from promotional pages to demo reels promising players aimbots and ESP mods. Many hackers also promise players who purchase their software that they will be able to use it successfully in any game in the Cod franchise.

It was recently that Activision took major action against cheaters in the game, with a dedicated anti-cheat team to tackle those players using hacks causing troublesome issues for other players.

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Fans are remaining positive in hopes that Activion have something up their sleeves in preparation to tackle this new wave of hacker software. Concerns run high as this new title release has been designed after previous games so runs on a new engine, however some old hacks could still work if ported over to the new game.

Although most hackers are probably feeling prepared and ready to rake in the cash from players hoping to cop some cheats, the official release of the game will be covered more in depth in security than that of the beta version, meaning cheat prevention could be a lot harder to bypass.

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The only way to try and combat these cheaters is for players to report any hacks or exploits used, as cheaters will continue to produce this software as long as the market still exists and player continue to purchase them.

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