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Chaos in Apex Legends as new bug is catapulting players across the map in Tridents


It comes with the release of Season 7 players have discovered a strage yet hilarious bug in the game which is projecting players across the map.

It’s not uncommon to find a bug in the game these days and for the most art they are entertaining, the latest discovery comes after the launch of the new update.

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This bug is affecting the Trident, as player have took to social media to share their discoveries of being set flying through the air.

One player found that when he crashed his Trident into an Olympus loot bin, there was repercussions he certainty didn’t expect. He was then sent catapulting through the air and lands in Hammond Labs.

This was not what he and his teammate was expecting, as the vehicle rose up so much it even flew over the mountains.

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Of course with any bug found, some players will try and exploit them to get ahead. There has been many clips surfacing of gamers using this exploit to land themselves in out of bounds areas.

It has been said that this bug has generated from a previous exploit that allowed gamers to propel themselves across Kings Canyon, however that bug was since then resolved in a patch by Respawn.

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