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Call of Duty

Players Are Calling For Weapons To Be Nerfed In Warzone

Nerfs were expected to come with Season 4. Season 4 is now live, but some players are complaining about certain weapons in the game. More specifically, the Grau, MP5, and the M4. Rumours suggested that stealth-nerfs were coming the latest update, but they haven’t. None

Big changes are coming to Stadium in Warzone

It’s the most controversial place on the map. Most players seems to agree that stadium is one of the worst and most disappointing areas on the map, and the ones who don’t think that, can usually be found camping on-top of it with a sniper

Warzone leak has MW2 fans excited for Season 5

Can we get a plumber to Activision HQ asap please. Season 4 of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare dropped last week, an underwhelming addition to both Warzone and the full multiplayer portion of the game. Fans complained about huge download sizes with very little in