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Call of Duty

Streamer Exposes Himself as a Warzone Hacker on Twitch

Since Warzone was first launched there has been a surge of hackers causing havoc in the game. The gaming community recognise this issue as one of the biggest problems as it causes so many problems amongst players. This issues often results in players loosing matches

Warzone subway station locations confirmed

Thanks to the final shot in the season 6 reveal trailer, fans now have a clear idea of where the subway tunnels will be located around Verdansk. The next big update to Call of Duty: Warzone will be coming via the sixth, and likely final

Underground Tunnels are coming to Warzone in Season 6

Infinity Ward dropped a new trailer for season 6 of Warzone which reveals a network of tunnels running under Verdansk. In the trailer, we see a pair of new operators named Farah and Nikolai appear from the dark underground tunnels. Nikolai tells Farah that Zakhaev,

Warzone glitch ‘Demon Gun’ has returned… again

Warzone players had reported being faced with the demon gun glitch back in August, it appeared in the game completeley out of the blue. This has been a popular problem in the past causing a lot of frustration amongst fans. The glitch causes weapons to

Activison job confirms Warzone is coming to mobile

It has been reported that Activision have Call of Duty: Warzone on mobile in the works. This was noted when it went live on the companies website advertising a job posting. Warzone has become a worldwide sensation, and is no secret that it is loved