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Call of Duty Mobile Season 12: Name and release date revealed


Fans have been waiting eagerly as the launch of Call of Duty Mobile Season 12 is fast approaching, excitement is running higher than ever as the official season name and release date has been revealed.

Season 11 of Cod Mobile was first launched earlier this year at the beginning of October, and now shortly after we find ourselves awaiting season 12.

Season 11 did however bring with it a host of new features such as maps and weapons, the weapon that made the biggest splash has to be the first mythic weapon too feature in the game, the Mythic Fennec Ascended. This weapon caused ructions with many players questioning the guns extremely high pricing

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Season 12

The name of the new season was announced yesterday on Twitter, which started fans buzzing about what they could hope to expect from this season.

The name of season 12 will be ‘Going Dark’, which fans immediately picked up on as being an homage to one of the most popular characters Captain Price’s famous tagline ‘bravo six, going dark.

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Of course the tweet doesn’t give us much more to go on in terms of what the season will be about, but could we assume that maybe this season will be more focused on Captain Price due to the name?

The tweet also doesn’t give us a concrete release date, however it does mention that it will be arriving later this week, in the past there hasn’t been and specific dates set for release so we could expect it to drop any day of the week.

Of course we don’t know for sure, we will need to keep our eyes peeled for further announcements and hope the launch is sooner rather than later with gamers anxious to play the new season.

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