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Call of Duty Cold War Field Upgrades: Complete list of changes revealed


Field upgrades are extras that players can use to their advantage to tactically get ahead, they have always played a huge part in the Call of Duty series and that is’t going to change in Black Ops Cold War.

Some upgrades offer an immediate advantage while fighting whereas some will help you prepare for combat. Field upgrades were very popular and widely sought after in Modern Warfare, such as the trophy system. This item will deflect any explosive heading towards you, this became very popular with player and quickly became a staple when driving.

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The Field Upgrades we know so far are:

  • Field Mic

This is a device which will call attention to any sounds made by enemies located on your minimap.

  • Proximity Mine

This is a mine that players are able to throw, it will cause damage if players are to drive or run over it however it can be avoided if the player crouch walks.

  • SAM Turret

This can only be unlocked when you reach level 18, this turret will launch missiles that will reach enemy controlled helicopters and spy planes.

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  • Trophy System

The trophy system will wipe out any explosive device sent by enemies or launcher missiles, this will worth with any explosives in up to ten meters away. This can however only be unlocked after level 15.

  • Gas Mines

This is a mine that can be thrown and when done so will send out a poisonous gas to attack enemies when they are close by. This can only be unlocked from level 24.

  • Jammer

This will cause an electric disruption field causing an enemies field upgrades in play to be disabled. This will also degrade any of their minimap information, this can also be only unlocked at level 36.

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Players will have to carefully think about what class they are selecting as Field Upgrades are tied to particular classes, and there is only on Field Upgrade equipped per class.

Gamers should also bare in mind that these Field Upgrades have a recharge time which means that they cannot be used in succession one after the other, they also have different cool down periods. This is a short amount of time to recharge before they can be used again. You can find this information in the menu next to the item.

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