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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War trailer revealed


The trailer for Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War is here, the official release of the game is still a few weeks away however this doesn’t stop fans preparing for the games launch.

The trailer shows shows the Cold War at its peak, players will face challenging operations and battles throughout the game. The main threat in the game is based on a spy in the 1970’s who had managed to get away without being caught after they had infiltrated Western intelligence agencies.

However could the story be something more sinister?

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The video description reads ‘1981. The Cold War is at its peak. World powers grapple for control and a hidden threat looms. In Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, players will engage in deniable operations, fighting the battles that never happened to stop a conspiracy decades in the making.’ leaving fans to decipher what tasks may lie ahead.

In the trailer we can see the obvious presences of Ronald Reagan who is the known face of Cold War, he is also featured in other games such as Wasteland 3 and also a the recently announced Mobius Front 83.

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It has also been announced that Bruce Thomas will be voicing the CIA Veteran Russell Adler. He has previous teased this information back in August when the game was first revealed.

It is also stated in the game trailer ‘And an all-new Zombies co-op experience awaits you and your squad in the debut of the Dark Aether story, “Die Maschine.” As you join forces with a CIA-backed international response team known as Requiem, the secrets of a horrifying WWII-era experiment will threaten the balance of the global order.’ getting fans prepared for the long awaited Zombies experience.

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