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Call of Duty: 2021 Gameplay Rumours and Potential Release Date


Fans are already eagerly awaiting the next instalment in the Call of Duty Series, with speculation already circling, this is everything we know so far.

Image credit: Activision

In the gaming community, there are very few things that are for certain, however we do know that there will be a brand spanking new release of Call of Duty each year, that’s a given.

Fans of the game are already searching for details on what this years title could be and what it will entail, even though Black Ops Cold War is still fresh and barely out of its launch period, it hasn’t stopped people speculating what we could be in store for this year.

Release Date
Activision always seem to have something up their sleeve when it comes to future releases, although there hasn’t been any official reports on a concrete release date for a new title in 2021. Looking back all the way to 2003, can give us an idea of when we can expect to see this release, with all previous released being launched at some point in October, this could be a good indication that this years instalment will follow suit.

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Although, last year we saw Black Ops Cold War dropped in November, but this anomaly was probably to coincide with the release of Sony and Microsoft’s next-gen consoles, PS5 and Xbox Series X.

The actual production of the game has got questions being asked left, right and centre. Fans are curious as to who will be taking most of the load when it comes to production of the game, at this point it seems Sledgehammer Games are the most likely to be taking the reins on this one. If this does prove to be the case we could be in store for a very polished release to others that we have seen in the past.

There are many facts that point to Sledgehammer Games taking the lead on production, such as the fact they were supposed to drop their Call of Duty game last year but then gave it up to Treyarch who then dropped Black Ops Cold War

Currently there is not too much news in the case of actual gameplay, however rumours have been circulating that this years release would be based on World War 3 (if it was to happen of course). Some have described it as a spiritual sequel to Modern Warfare, although there has been claims from industry insiders that is actually isn’t the case.

As of now, that is all the information we have, fans will just have to hang on until official announcements on the game have been made. Don’t worry though, we will keep you update so be sure to check back with us here at Gamerficial for the latest.

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