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Call of Duty 2020 alpha leaks a lot of details


Multiplayer, Campaign and Zombies. Even a full map list for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.

As July comes to an end, we’re still waiting on an official announcement for Call Of Duty 2020. An alpha, codenamed ‘The Red Door’ leaked on the Playstation and Xbox stores earlier this week. The pre-release build of the game piques the communities interest, but aside from a name, a slogan and a splash screen picture not much could be learned about the game from the leak.

That has all changed, and further leaks now give us a lot more information about the game.

The Campaign

A list of names and locations for thirteen of the games campaign missions, however it isn’t possible to know which order they go in. The list is extensive and this could indicate it is a complete list.

  • K.G.B. (Russia)
  • Siege (Russia)
  • Yamantau (Russia)
  • Takedown (Side Mission)
  • Tundra (Side Mission)
  • Hub (Germany)
  • Hub 8 (Germany)
  • Stakeout (Germany)
  • Armada (Vietnam)
  • Prisoner (Vietnam)
  • Revolucion (Nicaragua)
  • Amerika (Russia)
  • Duga (Russia)


Eight internal names for the multiplayer maps named in Black Ops Cold War. The list is small and it isn’t known if this is the full map list or not. It goes without saying that new maps will likely come later once the game launches through DLC.

  • Black Sea
  • Cartel
  • K.G.B.
  • Miami
  • Moscow
  • Satellite
  • Tank
  • Tundra


Th internal name for the only on disk zombie map is included, suggesting the game will only launch with one map for zombies.

  • Silver

Warzone/Battle Royale

The following is a list of locations found in the games Warzone map, not a list of separate maps.

  • Duga
  • Forest
  • Russia
  • Ski Slopes


The game is yet to be officially revealed, fans are holding onto hope that an in game event in Warzone will be used to announce the next Call Of Duty game, hence the delay in announcing it. Leaked audio and operator lines suggest this could be the way the new game is announced.

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