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Buried, Tranzit, And Die Rise Remakes Coming In Season 2 Battlepass

All three of the maps are said to be included in the Season 2 Battlepass for Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War.

Image credit: Activision

According to well known leaker ‘Bktoor’, Treyarch are planning to revive three fan favourite classic zombie maps from Black Ops 2. They are allegedly coming to the three way Battlepass so they can be unlocked in Modern Warfare, Warzone and Black Ops Cold War.

Players who haven’t already purchased Cold War will be left unable to play the maps as the content will only be accessible in Cold War’s zombies mode.

Since the release of Cold War (and even a little while before it) rumours have been suggesting Tranzit would be returning to the game in some way or another. People had been claiming the famous bus would be coming back to take us to different locations even including Nacht Der Untoten. Tranzit was split into five different locations, including a Bus Depot, Farm, Diner, Power Plant, and a Town, it was also one of the first maps to feature craftable weapons.

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Die Rise is one of the more confusing maps in the game, but it will also be available in the Season 2 battle pass. It had elevators shafts to transport you around the two multi-storey buildings both on the verge of collapse, and the constant risk of falling to your death kept you on your toes even between rounds.

Buried is the other map mentioned in this leak, a hole in the desert which was a portal to an underground town filled with undead, flesh eating villagers.

All three of these maps will be releasing alongside the newly announced Firebase Z, fans have been begging Treyarch for new zombie maps after the game only released with one, so hopefully four new maps within one season is enough to keep fans happy for now. As well as being a sign of Treyarchs commitment to bringing fresh content to the zombies mode with each new season.

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