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Bug in MW Search and Destroy makes Defusing Impossible

It’s not uncommon for players to stumble across various exploits in Modern Warfare, and yet again another has been discovered causing defusing to become borderline impossible in Search & Destroy.

The exploit in question was first uncovered by a Reddit user who took to the social media platform to share his findings. The bug discovered moves bombs so far out of bounds for players it becomes an impossibility to be retrieved.

In Search & Destroy mode picking bombs up is vital so that the bomb can then be defused, the aim of this game mode is to battle the enemy team competing over bombs located around the map. It is a multiplayer mode with gamers split into two teams. One teams goal in attack and destroy where as the second team must protect and defuse the bomb.

However this bug is now causing major issues in the game, as usually players would need to easily access the bomb to be able to pick it up in order to defuse it. This has now became an impossible task to complete as there is no feasible way to reach the bomb.

Search & Destroy is slowly going to become unplayable with these sorts of exploits up in the air. This is causing players to use other exploits in order to combat bugs they are facing. One of which is carried out by deploying a trophy system away from the target site and strategically planting the bomb so that it ends up on top the equipment and they proceeding to destroy it.

This isn’t the only bug that has been discovered lately either, it was uncovered by a player a few weeks ago an exploit that traps floating knives inside of a bomb, this means that when enemies would attempt to defuse it would wipe them out immediately.

So far there hasn’t been any fix for this bug, Infinity Ward need to create a patch for this exploit as soon as possible other wise it is going to continue to cause unwanted issues for gamers.

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