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Broken Warzone Exploit Lets Players Detonate C4 with no Damage

Vehicles are an important part of the game in Warzone, however it’s often they they come with their problems. There has been many issues with them in the past, they were even completely removed from the game in September, this was to repair a bug players were experiencing at the time.

Players require vehicles to get around in the game in order to collect valuable loot as they progress through the game, but once again they seem to experiencing a bug that is causing issues to players.

It was reported by a player that this exploit has been available for the past 4 seasons in the game, it occurs if you put a C4 onto one of your vehicles and them drive them into your enemies. Doing this will completely take out your enemies however will leave the driver completely unharmed.

Players who do this literally walk away from this without taking any damage, it’s unclear why this happens but for some reason it works and leaves the enemy dead and the driver fit as a fiddle.

This bug also impacts Trophy Systems, so even if there is a Trophy perched on the roof of a vehicle it will still be wiped out.

This allows players to completing take out the opposing enemy squad in its entirety, although this exploit works with any vehicles it is not able to be performed with helicopters.

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This must be an accidental bug that has been discovered, however there is no comment from Infinity Ward yet on the situation. This seems strange as it has been reported that this bug has been at play in the game for a variety of seasons.

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