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Black Ops Cold War: Zombies Map Firebase Z Full Layout Revealed


Finally we have all the information on just how Firebase Z will look

Fans who enjoy Zombies have recently been feeling that since the launch of Black Ops Cold War, we have seen a lack of content in the game.

Since the success of Die Maschine working its way to the top in on of the best Zombie maps we have seen in while, fans wondered just what we could be in store for next. Initially it was a bold move for the game to launch with only one map featuring in Zombies mode, however after a 3 month wait the news has broke that we can expect the arrival of a brand new Zombies location.

The update is set to go live on February 4th, just in case you missed it, you can check out the full trailer for the map here.

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However for some players, the trailer is simply not enough. For those wanting further information on just what we can expect from this new map, Youtuber ‘Caspahz’ took to the platform to give us the rundown on everything we need to know.

‘Caspahz’ was able to piece together exactly how the game will play by fitting together all of the games resources including the recent teaser imagery of Firebase Z.

What we have gathered from this information is that it looks as though players will be starting in the same location where the trailer begins, located in the Fractured Jaw campaign.

It was also noticed in a screenshot that the Quick Revive Perk is also available in the starting location, it seems that players will need to reach the teleporter before they are overrun with zombies.

When players teleport to the outpost, they will find the new Tombstone Perk machine located just in front of them.

Image Credit: Caspahz

It was also noted from the screenshots that once a player has left through one of the doors and have entered the Sentry gun area they will notice another Perk machine, although its too early to say just what kind it is.

Could it be a third perk that Treyarch are yet to reveal?

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