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Black Ops Cold War: Zombies have a secret Coffin Dance Easter Egg


Players have worked fast to discover one of the best Easter eggs featured in Black Ops Cold War, a secret Zombie coffin dance complete with music and disco lights.

Fans of CoD have ploughed through every inch of the game, wasting no time locating hidden features and Easter eggs. The most recent discovery is the dancing coffin zombies, which is an homage to the Ghanian pallbearers, the zombies even hold up a nearby crate to get fully in the spirit.

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Gamers quickly took to social media to share their discovery when you unlock this particular Easter egg, sharing clips and videos of the strange an unexpected phenomenon.

This event takes place located around the Pack-a-Punch machine, in order to unlock it you will need to find the five hidden blue orbs that are located around the area.

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Once you have shot down all five glowing orbs, the zombie funeral disco will begin. The floor will suddenly be flooded with disco lighting and a funky music beat, for that moment the zombies will stop attacking players and dance as they hoist a coffin around the room.

Although this strange event takes place and you’ll probably want to take a moment to enjoy it, be careful as it doesn’t stop the game. Player must make sure not to get too caught up in the moment and let their guard down, as anything can happen in this short time.

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