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Black Ops Cold War Zombies all the details so far

It seems like we’ve been waiting for ages for any news about Cold Wars Zombie mode, but now the reveal is finally here and it looks like the best version of zombies yet. Here’s everything you need to know about the new story, new maps, new characters, and more.

Image credit: Activision

Call of Duty Zombies mode is a staple of the Treyarch Call of Duty games, every game since World at War has had a version of it, the zombies community is huge and fans have been dying to get a glimpse of what they can expect in Cold War – especially since the zombies story technically ended in Black Ops 4.

This years version looks totally unlike anything we’ve seen in the past, and according to the developers the new experience will bring a new set of characters and a whole new storyline, but will exist in the same universe and stay true to the story established in B04.

The Story

Cold War Zombies follows a team of characters called Requiem, lead by the classic character Grigori Weaver who fans may remember from Black Ops 1.

Requiem have been tasked with investigating an old bunker from WWII, filled with “decades-old secrets”. Treyarch also revealed another team called Omega Group, led by the Soviets they will be involved in the story in some way or another.

The Map

The map will be called Die Maschine, and will feature a tone of references to older zombie maps, including the much loved Nacht Der Untoten, the original map from the first zombie game. It’s unclear how big the map will be but from the trailer it seems fairly extensive, and should take a while before players discover everything the map has to offer.

Details on the map are scarce, but Treyarch will likely want to save any details regarding it for closer to release.

Image credit: Ativision

The Gameplay

This is where things start to differ from what fans know about zombies. While the classic round based combat is still there, Treyarch have included a load of new elements to keep it feeling fresh. With the biggest change coming in the from of Exfil.

Players can now chose to end their session for the first time ever. Allowing you to make your way to an evacuation helicopter while fighting a harder wave of zombies on the way.

Image credit: Activision

Gunsmith is a new feature that allows players to create their own gun classes, meaning you no longer need to start with a pistol. We don’t know just how in depth the class creation is, as starting out with a fully geared assault rifle doesn’t sound like a fair way of doing things.

New equipment is available too, field upgraded are now included in zombies for the first time ever, as well as the War Machine, Sentry Turrets, and even a Chopper Gunner.

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While these all may sound a little OP, be assured Treyarch will likely balance all of these features to make sure the game doesn’t feel too easy, because nobody needs a chopper gunner on round five.

Perk machines and wall-buys are back, as well as the Wonder Weapons. Die Maschine even bring back Juggernog which fans noticed was missing from the Black Ops 4 version.

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