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Black Ops: Cold War will make changes to snipers before official release

It has been said by developers at Treyarch that after the current Alpha there will be sniper changes in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.

The weapon has sparked a discussion with players, with lots of opinions on the sniper rifles strength. Many players have spoke out that they think the strength of the rifles are too strong.

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This comes after the game was initially announced and became available over the weekend. The game was readily available through an open alpha release for free to all players who use Playstation consoles.

Fans who have already given the game a whirl have protested that the sniper rifles are simply too strong. As there are only actually two different sniper rifles that are usuable in the game, gamers have discusses the mobilty of the weapons and also the speed of the scope ins.

Both rifles in the game are one hit kilss when hitting the upper body and head and also both bolt actions. As players took to social media to express their concerns on the issue it has been noted and their minds put as ease by being informed that the rifles will be somewhat toned down in time for the official game release.

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They will make this adjustment before the Beta version which is due to drop in October, followed by the games official release in November.

It makes sense that Treyarch have done this initally in the Alpha release stage in order to give them a better idea and infromation on how gamers were handling and managing the weapons, this way they are able to take feedback on board and make any neccessary adjustments.

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This being said, that gives us good ground to hope that they will decrease the strength of the sniper rifles, with the initial power being intentional.

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