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Black Ops Cold War: Where to find the Evidence in Brick in the Wall


Fans have already enjoyed the challenge of Black Ops Cold War Brick in the Wall mission, we have investigated all you need to know and here’s how to find the evidence.

In this mission there is two separate pieces of evidence that need to be located, they are hidden in two different areas, heres how to find them

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You may have missed these on your first way through as they are in pretty popular areas you may have not noticed your first time through, however if you know what area your looking at, they’ll be pretty easy to find.

The first piece of evidence needed is the Numbers Station Broadcast for Operation Chaos, it is a tape reel that will help you to locate the codes needed for Operation Chaos.

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You can find this close to where the informant is being held, it is simply sitting on a table top located in the basement in plain sight.

Once found you will need this broadcast to cross reference with the coded message that was obtained from Qasim and also with the newspaper front page that was collected from Redlight, Greenlight.

The second piece of evidence needed is the Ledger for Operation Red Circus, this will help to identify all of the suspects.

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The ledger is located in Kraus’ house, go to the master bedroom and take a look in the drawer.

In order to successfully identify all of the Operation Red Chaos suspects, the other items you will need to obtain is the cassette tape from Echoes of a cold war, and also the wristwatch from Desperate Measures.

Players will need to complete these tasks and find the evidence themselves as the codes are randomly generated for each player, so grabbing codes from your friends and trying to input them in this case simply won’t work.

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