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Black Ops Cold War weapons have a serious reload issue in Warzone

The weapons from Black Ops Cold Ward have only been in Warzone for about a week, and player have already found a major reload issue that could have you reverting back to your Modern Warfare loadouts.

There is a tone of different loadout options in Warzone now, thanks to the Black Ops Cold War weapon roster being added to the game, you can mix and match any weapons from both games, or exclusively pick from one or the other.

It seemed as through the weapons from Cold War had the advantage early on, being seemingly more powerful than the ones from Modern Warfare, but it now seems like there is a huge downside to using the new guns.

The weapons have been created from the ground up for a new game that runs on a different engine, and it seems like not everything is running smoothly after their transition over.

The issue appears when players have been trying to reload their new Cold War weapons in Warzone, they function a little differently to the Modern Warfare guns, causing slower reload times.

‘BigPrice’ was playing a normal game of Warzone on December 21, when he noticed something a little strange about his reload with his Cold War weapon. He reloaded his FFAR 1 like normal, but before he could get a shot off, he noticed that the game was prompting him to reload again as the magazine was empty.

As you can see in the video above, the reload animation appeared to have completed fully and the magazine had been placed in the rifle, but he had to run for cover in the very last second of the animation, which caused the entire reload to be cancelled.

This works differently to Modern Warfares weapons, which allow you to cancel the reload animation from the second the new magazine is locked into the gun.

What this means is that players using the Cold War era’s weapons, have to sit through the entire reload animation, even if it appears to be finished and the new magazine is locked in you have to wait an extra second before you can sprint, which can put you at a huge disadvantage in the heat of a gunfight.

Using a Black Ops Cold War weapon could leave you with an empty magazine if you don’t pay close attention to the reload animation

It doesn’t matter whether it’s an AR, SMG or LMG, you’ll need to remember to let the reload animation finish completely before sprinting back into the action, otherwise you could be left empty handed and have to complete the reload again.

If you’re sticking with Modern Warfares weapons, you’ll be fine, but theres no way of telling if this is how they intended the guns from Cold War to act, or if this is just something that was overlooked when they were added into the game.

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