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Black Ops Cold War: Warzone Rebirth map LEAKED – Sneak Peak

It has been discovered in a new leak a sneak peak into a new Warzone map – Rebirth Island.

Fans have been eager to know just what will be coming to Warzone as it will not be getting continued into Season 7 and instead will be integrated with Black Ops Cold War.

Players worldwide have been curious as to what content they can expect from the game, however they were delighted at the reveal of the Rebirth Island map in the Black Ops Cold War roadmap.

The map itself, which is inspired by Alcatraz also made an appearance in Blackout, which some fans may remember. However now a leak has surfaced giving us some insight into what Rebirth Island will look like.

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The news came when a well known leaker took to Twitter to reveal their findings, in the post the outline of the map can visibly be seen under the maps logo.

It has been speculated that Rebirth Island will be available to players as soon as Warzone is integrated with Cold War, although there is no dates officially confirmed at present.

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The integration will take place on December 10, players will still be able to access all their current weapons and all progress will be carried over.

Of course, we don’t know for certain what we can expect, but if this leak is anything to go by, content coming in future is sure to get fans excited.

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