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Black Ops Cold War: Warzone Cosmetics for Nuke Event revealed

A recent leak has revealed Warzone rewards for the upcoming nuke event.

Fans have been left wondering since the close of the last Modern Warfare year, just what would happen next. Since then there has been plenty of speculation on what may be coming to the game.

However a recent leak suggests that we could be instore for a new map to be added to the popular battle royal mode. This makes sense as the Nuke which has previously appeared in Verdansk in the reveal for the game, is yet to be launched.

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Fans have been delighted at the thought of the iconic weapon coming in to Warzone as it integrates with Cold War, this news comes as we have seen some new cosmetics revealed in a leak.

A well known leaker took to Twitter with a post showing a Nuke which has been set off in close proximity to the Soviet flag.

In the Black Ops Cold War reveal event, the aim was for players to fulfil specific tasks around Verdansk, there also a number of calling cards and different emblems that were released.

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This leads us to believe it could be possible that they would want to host another live event and reward players that take part. Of course we don’t know if this is actually the case as of yet, fans will have to hold out just that little bit longer to see what is in store.

There has not been any confirmation from Treyarch on what is upcoming at the moment, players will have to hang on to see if we will be given a brand new map of if Verdansk will simply be extended.

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