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Black Ops Cold War trailer reveals the next Warzone map

A new video for Black Ops Cold War’s Fireteam multiplayer mode has given the community a first look at the next map coming to Warzone.

Activision have already confirmed that Warzone would continue to exist even past last years Modern Warfare, with fans coming to the conclusion that a new map would be released to match the theme of Cold War.

Now it looks like we’ve gotten our first glimpse at what Warzone will look like in Black Ops Cold War, thanks to the new trailer released for the Fireteam: Dirty Bomb mode in the Beta.

Throughout the video, there are shots that resemble what battle royale looks like, a view of a player skydiving towards a map and parachuting in a way very similar way to Warzone.

We also got a view of what appears to be some kind of military plane, like the one players deploy out of in Warzone.

On top of these hints from the trailer, dataminers have posted on reddit that a file called “wz_startscreen” and features a slideshow of two large scale Fireteam maps, even before their official reveal.

Maybe you’re thinking that Activision wouldn’t tease ay Warzone details this far ahead of release, but remember that the first teaser for the current version of Warzone was all the way back in May of 2019, almost a year before it was released.

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Several of of Modern Warfares ground war maps are based on Warzone locations, and vice-versa, so its very plausible that Treyarch would use these large-scale terrains for both Warzone, and the Fireteam mode.

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