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Black Ops Cold War: The Fastest way to level up your weapons

Players have been taken by the surprise at the time needed to level up weapons, with unlocks becoming seemingly more difficult, here is the fastest way to level up your weapons.

The progression in this game seems to be slower than what many gamers had anticipated, this has caused a stir among the gaming community, with players trying to find the fastest way to level up, in general as well as with their weaponry.

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Players have also found that unlocking camos and new attachments for their weapons has become somewhat more difficult in this title, this causes a issue for some players as it can take some real time to try and unlock specific attachments which slows them down considering the power some of these attachments bring with them.

Some specific games that you choose to play may work in your favour in this case as larger format playlists and matches in objective will award you more scenarios where you can get kills which will assist you in levelling up just that bit faster.

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Also these are good for racking up chain eliminations, this will help you to gain a better XP yield, for example ‘Combined Arms’ is a good game choice as it gives you better opportunities to gather weapon XP, along with ‘Fireteam: Dirty Bomb’.

However, not every player is an avid fan of these particular large scale modes, you can easily gain the same in small games such as Hardpoint, Control and Domination.

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Of course if you’re thinking logically there is also the chance to smash out some serious weapon XP in ‘Hardcore’ as this drastically reduces every players health which greatly increases your chances of chaining kills together.

There is also a handy tip for PlayStation users, as Activision have an agreement with Sony in which specific features along with Onslaught Zombies have been made exclusive to PS users for the first 12 months. Within this there is a 25% weapon XP given to all players when you all play together in a party.

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