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Black Ops Cold War: The Fastest way to get Aetherium Crystals

Collecting Aetherium Crytsals isn’t as straight forward as it seems, however they are an essential item in Zombies mode, here you can find the fastest way to collect them.

Zombies mode in the Call of Duty series has always been popular with fans, and it seems Treyarch have kept the streak going with it’s newest instalment in Black Ops Cold War.

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The more you play the more crystals you will collect, however it can be a timely process. If you want to get your hands on these quickly we have the best way to do just that.

For those who are yet to play, Aetherium Crystals are the main currency that is used in Zombies mode, they are a staple for doing things such as upgrading weapons, perks, ammo mods and field upgrades.

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In order to collect these raw Aetherium Crystals players will have to work hard to gather them, there are two different ways in which that can be earned. The first way is when you reach certain stages in Die Maschine, known as milestone rounds, you will be rewarded with crystals.

This is a good way to gather them as even if you never make it out of these levels and ultimately die, you will still receive the crystals, however it can be timely as rounds tend to slow down the deeper you get.

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The second way to gather as many crystals as possible is to start exfiling. However the best way to do this is to play alone or with a group of players who have the same goal as others will exfil not that often after reaching ten rounds.

When exfiling players can call to exit when reaching round 11, you can also do this every five rounds reached after that. This method takes much less time than the previous an is a much better way to start harvesting crystals, although you will have to battle a lot of zombies in order to reach the helicopter.

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