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Black Ops Cold War teaser confirms reveal date

Eventually, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War has been revealed, and all it took was a week long eater egg hunt in Warzone. An unlisted trailer has been discovered hinting at a reveal, date of August 26th.

People have been wondering when the 2020 iteration of Call of Duty would be announced. The joint project between Raven Software and Treyarch has been a mystery waiting to be revealed, with Projectors being sent out to content creators, puzzles of bunker codes and cyphers slowly being dismantled over days, leading to a trailer building hype and confirming a reveal date.


At the height of the Cold War, KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov issues a chilling warning: “Understand what’s going on around you. You are in a state of war and you have precious little time to save yourself.” He claims a Soviet spy, codename: ‘Perseus’ has infiltrated Western intelligence. His goal: Subvert the U.S. to ensure Soviet dominance in the arms race. To this day, the identity and whereabouts of Perseus remain unknown. “It is a slow process, which we call ‘active measures.” The first stage being demoralization, it takes from 15 to 20 years to demoralize a nation. The next stage is destabilization. What matters is essentials: economy, foreign relations, defense systems. The next stage is crisis. With the violent change of power, structure, and economy, a period of normalization. This is what will happen in the United States if you allow all the schmucks to put a big brother government in Washington D.C., who will promise lots of things, never mind whether the promises are fulfilled or not.” Inspired by actual events. A plan decades in the making. Know your history or be doomed to repeat it. “The time bomb is ticking, with every second, the disaster is coming closer and closer. The danger is real.” Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. Worldwide reveal: August 26.

Each day, a VHS tape played clips of different news stories from during the Cold War each revealing numbers, coordinates and codes. Those coordinates led to locations in Warzone which needed to be unlocked with codes and cyphers found on the Pawn Takes Pawn website.

There is a nuke in Bunker 11 (The bunker that is inaccessible still) from CODWarzone

A nuke was discovered within the bunker near the park on the final day of the easter egg hunt. It’s unclear how the easter eggs in Warzone will play out, whether the nuke will destroy Verdansk or not.

All eyes are set on August 26, we can know that something more is coming through Warzone as the description of the newly discovered video says “August 26th. Verdansk.”

MISSILE in the warzone map! The code to the bunker close to park was revealed today showing what looks like a missile there! The code is 60274513, and you can try entering there for yourselves! The explanation to how the code was found is in the comments 🙂 from CODWarzone

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