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Black Ops Cold War Report Warns of Huge Multiplayer Problem


Image Credit: Raven Software

According to Charlie Intel – who were able to go hands on with the games multiplayer ahead of the worldwide reveal – the Moscow map has “bad” spawn traps. Which is pretty worrying, but that’s not it.

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There was a post-reveal stream which featured a lot of big content creators playing the game, which if you watched you would have noticed the Miami map also has the same issue.

Again these two things are bad enough, we’ve seen the same issue with maps in other Call of Duty games in the past. Worst of all being Shipment in Modern Warfare which was also tweaked a little before being brought back.

Is this just limited to a couple of maps in the new game, or is this a problem with multiplayer overall?

As Charlie Intel has pointed out, its quite likely these spawn issues will get remedied before launch, hopefully in time for the public beta going live.

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