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Black Ops Cold War: Players are falling through maps due to strange new bug

Players have discovered a new bug which is causing them to fall through various points of the maps with no explanation why.

Call of Duty is no stranger to bugs, it is to be expected with any newly released game that there is bound to be a few teething problems that need ironing out.

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Recently clips have been surfacing online of players randomly falling through maps and being killed. This problem appears to be affecting all maps and isn’t just specific to one particular map.

Treyarch were faced with complaints by players even when the game launched regarding the lack of maps, with only 8 currently available players weren’t too happy. However it seems now the problems with the maps have worsened as players are being killed off unexpectedly due to this bug.

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Gamers were quick to take to social media to share their own experiences of the issue, we saw player Dylan ‘Envoy’ Hannon being whirled around under the map as he uploaded a clip to Twitter.

He was desperately trying his best to hang on to spawns on Moscow Hardpoint, but was unable to do so due to bug issues.

Currently it has not been made clear if it is these specific places on the map that are causing players the problems or if its just randomly happening throughout the game. It could be that it is rooted to specific points on the map but it is too early to say.

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Hopefully Treyarch will be looking into a way to rectify this bug as soon as possible, however we haven’t heard any information from them as of yet. Fans will just have to hang on and hope we have a remedy to this problem in the near future.

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