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Black Ops Cold War: New Zombies Outbreak Mode Confirmed


Rumours have already started circulating about a new Zombies Outbreak Mode, however recently the games developers themselves accidentally leaked the new mode themselves confirming the new modes release.

Tension is at an all time high as players wait for the upcoming second season of Black Ops Cold War which is expected to arrive on February 25th, the trailer for the new season has already given fans a taste of what they can hope to expect in the upcoming weeks.

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The trailer shows an environment thick with tropical forrest and is loaded with hints and teasers of what will be coming with the new season, although there wasn’t really any further information on new content for Zombies since we saw the addition of Firebase Z, until.. now.

Recently, rumours had started to pour in thick and fast about a potential new Outbreak Zombies mode although there was no official information on this new mode to back it up, however a huge leak was seemingly posted by accident to the Call of Duty app confirming the new Zombies Outbreak mode.

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The leak didn’t reveal too much information, it did however state that it was a ‘new, large-scale zombies experience‘, which fits well with previous leaks regarding the large size of the map.

Although, this was soon removed from their website and replaced with a simple “zombies are back” with no mention of Outbreak. This has left fans with many questions, though we shouldn’t have too much longer to wait before Treyarch drop more information with the release of Season 2 on the horizon.

Only time will tell just what is in store for the future of Black Ops Cold War, let’s just hope we see Outbreak Zombies come in a shake things up.

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