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Black Ops Cold War: New Modes leaked – Dropkick and more

Long standing CoD players will be pumped to know that some iconic game modes are set to make a return to the game.

Fans have been waiting in anticipation for the launch of Season One in Black Ops Cold War, with the date looming closer and closer, leaks having been pouring in thick and fast.

There is a host of new and exciting features that will be making their way to the game along with some iconic classics seasoned players will remember from previous titles.

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There is talks of a new map for Zombies mode and also a new game mode ‘Dropkick’ although this seems to be a small part of it with much more in store.

This leak however is brought to us in a unique way, when a popular leaker took to Twitter to debut a audio clip straight out of the game. There is set to be a lot of action packed gun play, so if that’s up your street your in for a treat.

Voice lines that have been discovered in the latest update have indicated that Barebones playlists are going to making a return. From what we can hear in the clip, although it is short there is no mistaking the voice lines for two game modes that will be of the Barebones variety.

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Barebones has been available in previous titles throughout the Cod franchise, in which is removed killstreaks in their entirety. If you have not played this before, the core modes will still act in the exact same way, the main difference is the tools that are available to use.

Fans will have to hang on to see just how this version will play out in Cold War in comparison to past versions. As this game has a vast selection of options to customise weapons it could bring a breath of fresh air to the game to run with only default weapons.

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There is currently no concrete date on when Barebones is set to release in Cold War, players will just have to wait it out and hope it make an appearance in Season one.

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