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Black Ops Cold War: New Map Firebase Z Details Revealed


Treyarch have released some major details about the upcoming new Zombies map, Firebase Z.

It was announced by Treyarch during Black Ops Cold War’s mid-season update that there would be a new map coming to Zombies, named Firebase Z. It was reported that the map would be arriving before the season ends and fans should hang on for more details coming on 115 day.

FireBase Z is the second zombies map for Black Ops Cold War

Finally the day is here and comes with it a host of new details about the upcoming map as promised. Treyarch have released some juicy details which confirm just how the map ties in with the narrative of the mode and also a series of new items players will be able to use.

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Firebase Z is situated inside a facility named Outpost 25, which we will see located in Vietnam. This new map will follow from the events in which we saw take place in Die Maschine, the Omega group lead the Requiem team to Outpost 25 in order to save Samantha Maxis after her capture.

It has also been confirmed by the games developers that this new map will also contain some new enemies that we haven’t seen before, along with some brand spanking new game mechanics. However, this is as much details as we have on this as they didn’t let too much information out, could this mean that a new boss zombie is on the cards?

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There was also a host of new in game items confirmed such as the Tombstone Soda perk, which we first saw been teased a few weeks ago.

The perk allows players to turn into a shadow when they have it activated when they are downed. This then allows player to use different weapons to assist them in reviving themself in some way, however if the player completely dies while in the shadow, we guess that’s it.

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There will also be two new scorescreaks which will be arriving, namely the Napalm Strike and the Artillery, to get each one, players can craft these at the crafting table.

It seems that we will be seeing a host of brand new cool features when Firebase Z arrives on February 4th, we can’t wait.

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