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Black Ops Cold War: New Christmas Nuketown Theme REVEALED

As Christmas is creeping closer and closer fans are pleased to hear that Black Ops Cold War will be getting a festive makeover.

In a new leak it has been revealed that Nuketown 84′ will be undergoing a festive makeover for a limited time. It’s not the first time that Nuketown has been decorated throughout the series though, the map has undergone several different makeovers over the years.

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Black Ops Cold War is going to do Christmas in a huge way this year, as players can expect to see a complete festive takeover in the fan-favourite map.

We got a glimpse into what we can expect when a well known leaker took to Twitter to share an image of Nuketown 84′, and it looks completely different. Instead of the sun beating down on the dusty desert it has taken a darker more festive approach.

The image shows Christmas wreaths and tinsel adorned around buildings, along with a bunch of Christmas lights to get players in the festive spirit. However that isn’t the only discovery, a strange glitch was also uncovered in which it was allowing players to see full blown Christmas decorations on November 25th.

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Footage was uploaded to Twitter showing a player experiencing this glitch and coming into effect out of the blue. This however gives players some insight into how true the leak is.

Players are keeping their eyes open to see if there will be festivities coming to any other maps, but for the time being it looks as if it is just Nuketown.

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