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Black Ops Cold War: Leak Reveals the return of iconic perks

In a recent leak it was reported that a series of iconic perks from precious titles in Call of Duty will be making a return to Black Ops Cold War.

It seems that there is a lot of new perks on their way, previous leaks for Season One had already gave us some major clues as to what we can expect.

There is now an abundance of ways to customise your class, with lots on offer such as Wildcard making a return and the iconic intricate weapon Gunsmith, fans are holding on for even more that will soon be making it’s way to us.

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Hardcore CoD fans have probably already made the discovery that there is a few iconic perks that seem to be missing. There were a few fan favourites that didn’t quite make it in when the game came to launch, although all of the essential choices initially made it in such as Ghost.

The earlier leaks gave fans an idea of what may be available on December 10th, however there has recently been additional information on perks that will also becoming soon. This information was located after the latest update in the games files.

There was a perk found that seems to be something fresh in the game, the icon is red featuring a snake wrapped knife with wings. We don’t have further information on just how this will affect the game as of yet, however the game has featured a variety of different health perks in the past.

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The other perk is the Lightweight perk, this will be well known to long time players as it has been very popular earlier in the franchise. Of course most know this perk as a helping hand to players assisting them in moving around faster.

This perk takes form in variety of ways such as when sliding or mantling, it may take effect on every movement from the player or even apply a straight move speed buff to your sprints.

Of course we don’t know for certain if these perks will definitely make an appearance soon, it could be that these were once a part of the game but then scrapped and their files left behind.

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Fans are keeping their fingers crossed that these perks are set to drop in Season One and they don’t have to wait too much longer to revisit some fan favourites.

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