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Black Ops Cold War: Hidden Secrets in Season 1 Teaser Revealed

Black Ops Cold War developers have released a teaser trailer following the news that of the integration with Warzone will be delayed by 6 days.

Yesterday fans were shocked by the news that Season One of Black Ops Cold War had been delayed by 6 days, which left fans hungry to know what new content they could expect from the launch of the new season. Fans have also been eager to know what the integration with Warzone will look like and how the merge will work.

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Although the news of the delay was disappointing it was accompanied by a teaser image, at a first look it can easily be seen as only the release date and title logos.

Twitter users were intrigued by the blurred out phrases on the image, and after investigating and doing some digging by brightening the image up, there has been some pretty interesting discoveries made.

Image Credit: Activision

After brightening the image the text ‘Rebirth Island’ can clearly be seen along with co-ordinates, although these can be seen before brightening they are now much clearer to see.

Entering those coordinates into Google Maps will take you to a real life Island in Uzbekistan, also known as Rebirth Island.

Image credit: Google

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Could this confirm everything we have heard from recent leaks? It is certain that Rebirth Island will be coming to the game when the Warzone/Cold War integration happens, and given that the developers have confirmed a new map is coming, it’s almost certainly this.

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