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Black Ops Cold War: Here’s how you can find the secret grenade launcher Easter Egg


Just one day after the launch of Black Ops Cold War, a Reddit user has already taken the the platform to share the grenade launcher Easter egg they have stumbled upon.

Gamers have wasted no time in exploring every inch of the newly released title, and it comes in just one day after launch, a player has located the grenade launcher Easter egg in one of the campaign missions

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Players had started to think that the games developers had forgotten about adding these Easter egg weapons to the games as they haven’t made an appearance in the latest stories, however fans were excited to see this latest Reddit post that leads us to believe that Easter eggs are back.

The Easter egg was first discovered while playing the single player mission, ‘Redlight, Greenlight’, by completing this Easter egg players are able to find a secret M79 grenade launcher.

In the campaign mission Redlight, Greenlight. if you interact with the Burger Shot boy by pressing the button multiple times, he will eventually poop out an M79 grenade launcher for you to use for the rest of the mission. from r/blackopscoldwar

This isn’t the first time a weapon like this has made an appearance in the game, die hard fans of the series may very well remember this as it made an appearance in Modern Warfare 2, it was named ‘Thumper’ and also operated and was used in the same way.

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It is quite an easy process to obtain this grenade launcher, from what we know so far it is likely that it will always appear in the same area.

In order to locate it you must:-

  • Enter the ‘Redlight, Greenlight’ mission
  • Make your way to Burger Town
  • Locate the drive thru
  • Find the drive thru call box and press the giant button
  • Repeatedly press this button unless all lines are gone
  • The M79 grenade launcher will appear next to the callbox

The only down side to unlocking this weapon is that although the weapon is free you do not get a lot of ammo to go with it, so you should be logical when using it. You will get with it three rounds and one extra in the chamber, so make sure to use it when you really need it.

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