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Black Ops Cold War: Here’s how to unlock Pack-a-Punch in Die Maschine Zombies


Fans were delighted at the return of the Pack-a-Punch machine in Black Ops Cold War Die Maschine Zombies mode.

Unlocking Pack-a-Punch is a staple for any player as it allows you to progress further into the Zombies mode, it has a host of powerful upgrades on offer also so is well worth putting in the time to make sure you conquer it.

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In order to unlock the Pack-a-Punch machine there are particular steps that you will need to follow.

  • Start by turning on the power
  • Locate the Particle Accelerator Room and make sure to activate both terminals, you will find the two clearly labelled terminals.
  • Enter into the dark Aether Portal, you will gain access to this after activating both terminals.
  • After entering the portal find your way to the marked out area on the map, you aim is to be in the weapons lab tunnel, where you will locate the part that you need to build the machine. (Try not to spend too long inside the portal in order to avoid being transported back to the real world)
  • Locate the Particle Accelerator Room while still in the Aether Portal and you will be able to create the Pack-a-Punch.
  • Once created Pack-a-Punch will be accessible to you back in the real world immediately.

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