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Black Ops Cold War: First look Tombstone perk in Firebase Z Leak


The new Tombstone perk, which is a part of the new Firebase Z facility, has been leaked giving us some insight in what we can expect to see when the new map is launched in just over a week.

A Twitter user recently took to the platform to share some footage leaked from the new Zombies map, Firebase Z. The footage gave us some brief insight into the exterior of the map and also the new tombstone perk, however the Twitter user who uploaded the footage was quick to delete it.

Before the footage was deleted it was swiftly noticed that there is a new character, although all we could see was ‘Capta’ Raven, it’s likely that it is Captain. There wasn’t much else revealed about this character, it seems he is a completely new character to the game like nothing we have seen before.

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We also got a look at the vending machine that dispenses Tombstone, this seems to have a completely new look in comparison to what we have seen previously. The revamped version has a golden frame and even has bird wings.

Besides an image of the exterior there was also a short video, although it was only 3 seconds long there was still a lot of details to be noted, such as the door to the Aether Reactor which costs 2,500 points.

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The old Tombstone perk machine looked a lot different

Players will also be able to reach the Data Centre from the Barracks area of the map. However there should be an official trailer launching soon, so until then we will have to hang on for further details on what we can expect to see.

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