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Black Ops Cold War Campaign footage leaks

A well known leaker in the Call of Duty community has leaked unreleased footage of a cutscene from the upcoming Black Ops Cold War campaign.

The leaker goes by the name of BKTOOR but to avoid copyright strikes from Activision (something they’re well known for) he has uploaded the clips from another account.

While some official screenshots and various other bits of content have been revealed about the games campaign, this is the first time a lengthy piece of footage has been revealed.

The game releases on November 13, roughly a month after the open Beta goes live, so fans who are looking forward to playing the campaign may want to avoid the video below.

BKTOOR has also showed off a folder which is filled with another 18 video files suggesting that more clips from cutscenes could find their way online very soon.

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The clip shared shows a character overseeing an aircraft carrier loaded with helicopters and fighter jets. One jet is loaded with undisclosed items and then takes off. Not a massive spoiler for fans but it lets us know we can expect some naval scenery in the campaign.

The rest of the clips in BKTOORs give us some hints at what other locations we can expect.

The files look like loading movies for each location in Cold War, 10 of the 18 appear to be from the campaign, with the others being for Warzone and multiplayer.

Countries like Vietnam, Germany, Russia, and Nicaragua are mentioned in the file names, alongside Ural Mountains, and Mount Yamantua. Suggesting these are locations we will be visiting in the game.

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