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Black Ops Cold War: Broken Moscow map causing players to be killed instantly


It has been reported that players are running into a sticky spot in a particular area in the Moscow map.

It was expected that following the release of Cold War Black Ops, that there would be some minor teething issues. It can be expected with any game launch that there might be a few problems that need a little extra work to run smoothly.

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The title launched last week with heaps of new features and has already proved to be very popular amongst gamers. However players are finding themselves in a sticky situation in certain areas of the Moscow map.

Players have already took to social media to share their discovery of this issue, it’s not the first time this has happened though. In the Alpha and Beta releases gamers had also come across an issue wither they were being trapped in a window by Boulevard.

Players were hopeful however that these issues had been ironed out before the official release of the game, but it seems that a similar problem has cropped up.

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Footage has been captured of players trapped in the window, unable to escape, with no choice but to wait for someone to come along to have a fighting chance of survival.

In some cases this can have drastic consequences for the trapped player resulting in them loosing the match or even being killed.

Hopefully this issue will be rectified soon, however if you find yourself in this situation you may have no chance but to wait it out and hope someone swings by.

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