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Black Ops Cold War: Bizarre new bug found and its straight-up breaking Fireteam Dirty Bomb

Players have encountered yet another bug in Black Ops Cold War, but this time they are finding it rather funny as they are ending up suspended above the map in Fireteam Dirty Bomb.

CoD is no stranger to bugs and glitches, it is to be expected with any new release that there will be a few teething problems that need ironing out.

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Players have become familiar with finding bugs throughout the game, some discoveries however aren’t too serious, and are more funny than game breaking. However this particular bug has players incredibly frustrated as they are finding themselves useless as they are trapped above the map.

It wasn’t long before players were beggining to stumble across this issue during gameplay with some even taking to social media to share their discoveries.

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Fireteam: Dirtybomb gamebreaking bug from r/blackopscoldwar

A video was uploaded to Reddit that shows players trapped floating above the map unable to participate in the game. You can hear from the footage just how frustrated these players are, players attempting to run in this scenario will start the animation however there will be no actual movement.

However although players are trapped in that location, they can scope down the map underneath. It also seems as if the whole mode broken, as it allows teams to be bigger than anticipated and certain textures not loading.

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Fans are hanging on for the word from Treyarch that they are on the case and will be issuing a fix for this frustrating issue.

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