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Bernie Sanders has been Modded into Resident Evil 7


No time has been wasted into taking Bernie Sanders from simply just a meme to a focal point in Resident Evil 7.

A post uploaded on Twitter contained footage from ToastedShoes, the Youtuber made them self a project to see what Bernie could bring by appearing in a bunch of fan favourite video games.

However, they have set the bar high with his appearance in Resident Evil 7, even though Sanders is still sitting in his chair he can still travel through the game, chasing after a player as a stand in for Jack Baker.

Viewers were met with the imagery of Sanders roaming the halls, tearing through furniture and screaming out threats. He even manages to punch a player clean in the face with his sledgehammer resembling that of a mitten.

He was also modded into other popular video games such as Dark Souls, Star Wars Battlefront II, Devil May Cry 5, Skyrim, Fallout 4 and Abzu.

Another one of his memorable appearances has to be Skyrim, he can be seen sitting in the prisoners wagon and then lining up to be judged. He is then present in the execution while characters are met with huge flames and a massive flying Bernie Sanders.

All of the modders who had a part in this are listed in the videos description.

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