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Belle Delphine’s ‘Gamergirl Condoms’ sell out almost instantly


The condoms, which were selling at $10 a piece (yes, thats for ONE) sold out in only a day.

Belle rose to fame in recent years after posting risque gaming and anime themed content. She took to Twitter and Youtube on Tuesday to promote her new business venture in the same way she did with her ‘GamerGirl’ bathwater.

She shared a video of herself persuading her fans to buy her condoms.

The video, bearing the description “Pink Lubed latex condoms for when you have the urge to ‘rise up’ ^_-” was posted to Youtube as well as Twitter. Although the Youtube video was titled “eat my *ss”.

The condoms sold out in only a few hours, and right now it’s not know whether she will be restocking them, but at $10 each, and probably thousands of sales, it’s hard to imagine she wont.

Another success story for the internet personality who sold her used bathwater for $30 a bottle last year. What will she come up with next?

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